Investment Philosophy
Pilgrim Capital's primary goal for any investment is to grow the underlying company. In order to achieve this goal, the firm focuses on Management Buyouts of established companies with proven management teams. Pilgrim then provides a) significant management equity incentives, b) appropriate equity financing with prudent debt levels, and c) a collaborative and supportive environment. These simple ingredients have repeatedly generated superior results.

Growth can be achieved via internal organic expansion, offering the same products or services in a new geography, via a new distribution channel or to a new customer group, offering new related products or services to existing customers, and/or executing strategic add-on acquisitions. Growing companies often require an upgrade to their infrastructure and systems and controls; projects that Pilgrim Capital often initiates and helps manage. Pilgrim Capital will not only invest its capital, but also its time, expertise, and acumen to assure the success of each portfolio company.

Working Relationships with Portfolio Companies
Pilgrim Capital characterizes working relationships with its portfolio companies as “Partnerships”. The term Partnership reflects the active involvement of all major constituents in making major strategic, executive team, and other important business decisions. Pilgrim Capital remains highly involved in all of its portfolio companies but does not make day-to-day managerial decisions. Pilgrim Capital will establish an active, value-added Board or Directors that will assist management teams in setting strategy and implementing key initiatives such as add-on acquisitions and capital financings. A strong Partnership with a portfolio company’s management team is the single most important ingredient to any successful investment. As such, Pilgrim Capital makes these relationships a top priority and insists that the key management team members have equity participation to appropriately align incentives.

In addition to its management partnerships, Pilgrim Capital's partners are proud of their long-term relationships with their equity investors, senior and subordinated lenders, investment intermediaries, attorneys, accountants and other important investment transaction team members (references for all of the above will gladly be provided.)